Adult's Gym

Our state-of-the-art gym is the perfect place to build your fitness and tone your body. Our friendly team of expert instructors are on hand to devise your own personal fitness programme for FREE – and then monitor your progress.


Our cardio machines from Freemotion turn workouts into global adventures with iFIT by taking you to the world’s most breathtaking destinations. Enhance your cardio training with best-in-class Freemotion machines that make functional fitness accessible to everyone. 

The gym is split into four principal sections. 

The Cardio Zone has Freemotion treadmills, X-trainers, bikes, spinners, stair mill plus the latest Concept 2 rowers and assault range.

The Strength Zone features two squat rack, one smith machine and a host of free weights and Olympic lifting bars.

The Resistance Zone is fitted with the latest Freemotion resistance machines offering a fantastic choice of exercises.

The Stretch Zone offers a variety of ab rollers, exercise balls and a soft matted area.

As part of your membership, you will receive a gym induction, plus a 90 day programme to help you to achieve your personal goals.